What’s the Difference Between the Deep Web & the Dark Web?

What’s the Difference Between the Deep Web & the Dark Web?

You might have heard of the dark web before, but what about the deep web? Most people will have a basic knowledge of what the dark web entails, but if you’re unsure about how this differs from the deep web, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be talking about what the deep and dark web is, together with how they differ. In addition, we’ll also touch, briefly, on the surface web, as well as how you can protect your employees from the darkest realms of the online world.

What is the deep web?

The deep web is website content that doesn’t make up any part of the surface internet, which we’ll get onto in a moment. It’s something that is hidden from everyday internet users. It displays content that isn’t indexed by your average website crawlers or search engines, and so people have to delve deeper into the online realm in order to access things on the deep web. For instance, you’ll need to know the exact URL of the page or website you’re searching for in order to access the deep web. In addition to that, the deep web could also include mainstream websites, like Netflix or Amazon.

What is the dark web?

The dark web forms part of the deep web, and it’s intentionally hidden from surface web users, for good reason. All of the data within it is encrypted and you’ll need specific configurations, software and authorisations in order to gain access to it. It’s not uncommon for government forces, such as the police or MI5 to access the dark web for the purposes of legal investigations.

This is because there will be disturbing, inappropriate or triggering content on there that is, mostly, illegal. The average internet user should not be accessing the dark web for any reason, as there will be extreme consequences for viewing, downloading or interacting with any of the content that’s displayed on there.

Essentially, do not attempt to access the dark web. The good news is that there are IT systems available that can help to protect internet users from the realms of the dark web, although stumbling across it by accident is highly unlikely.

What is the difference between the deep web & the dark web?

Something that’s important to point out is that the deep web and the dark web are not one in the same thing. Where the dark web is part of the deep web, the deep web doesn’t form part of the dark web. The deep web can contain hidden content, but it’s not necessarily illegal one hundred percent of the time. The dark web, on the other hand, is as the name would suggest, dark. In order to pinpoint the differences between the two, let’s look first at the deep web in summary:

  • Part of the internet that is hidden from conventional search engines
  • A password, encryption ot specialist software will be needed to access it
  • It’s considered to be larger than the surface web
  • It’s often used for legitimate reasons, as opposed to being, mostly, illegal
  • It will include all unindexed website pages
  • It can be accessed with a VPN

In summary, here’s how the dark web differs from the deep web:

  • It’s intentionally hidden and forms part of the deep web
  • It’s far more difficult to access
  • Its size is unmeasurable, in comparison to the surface web
  • It can be used for illegal activities
  • Precautions are needed to access the dark web
  • It’s often used by the authorities to catch criminals

What about the surface web?

The surface web, which is also referred to as the visible web, is essentially the internet that we browse every single day. The surface web is used for day-to-day activities and enquiries, and is what most of us consider the internet to be, unlike its darker, deeper counterparts. Despite it being commonplace in our everyday internet searches, it’s not exempt from scammers and hackers.

In addition to some of the most talked about scams being carried out online, some scammers might trick curious users into exploring the ‘shadow web’, which is simply a rumour that exists among the online world.

It’s often used as a way for scammers to get internet users to part with cash or bitcoins, back when that was a popular virtual currency. Don’t be fooled by these online scams and stick solely to the surface web. Although, you should make sure you have all of the anti-virus software required to protect yourself and your computer system.

How can I protect my employees from both the deep & dark web?

As already touched upon, you can make sure that your employees are supplied with the most state-of-the-art anti-viral software and protections available. Some software and programmes can be purchased that will automatically block any visits to the dark or deep web, as well as any other sensitive, triggering or inappropriate content.

You can also trust your IT systems in the hands of someone in the know, like us here at ICU IT. We have a team of dedicated IT professionals who will always be on hand to offer round-the-clock IT maintenance services, for example. Invest in unparalleled IT protection from us here at ICU IT and you’ll have complete peace of mind going forward.

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