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Prevention really is the best cure. Our Planned Preventative IT Maintenance (PPM, for short) schedules ensure your servers, equipment and networks are fault-free, secure and regularly backed-up. Keeping your systems up and running smoothly is our number one priority.

Planned Preventative Measures

PPM is the opposite of reactive maintenance

When your IT goes wrong out of the blue and you’re unprepared, it can wreak havoc. Unplanned repairs can be extremely costly, not to mention the losses and inconvenience of indefinite downtime. This is reactive maintenance – it’s impossible to budget for, has high overall costs and causes expensive downtimes for any type of business.

Planned preventative IT maintenance, on the other hand, aims to identify any potential problems before they occur and keep things ticking along nicely at all times.

“Their onsite visits are always a pleasure and very unobtrusive. Our systems engineer always arranges maintenance visits to suit us and is very efficient. Any equipment acquired is of good quality at a good price. I have every confidence that ICU have our company’s best interests at heart and would strongly recommend their services.”

Jude Parry

Head of Centre & Director @ Bottle Green Training

How does IT maintenance work at ICU?

We employ remote monitoring systems so we can always ensure your IT is working properly, and immediately be alerted if a potential problem arises. This allows us to discover issues even before you do and respond to them quickly.

As well as this, we have a schedule of PPM visits to look at everything on-site and make sure everything’s working as it should. This tailored IT maintenance programme gives you the confidence to go about your business, worry-free.

What do PPM visits involve?

Alongside the remote monitoring we mentioned earlier, our preventative maintenance visits carry out all of the necessary checks and measures to keep you up and running.

For example, we check your systems, virus protection and firewall software for updates. Making sure that all of these things are updated keeps you protected from viruses, attacks and software security bugs or vulnerabilities.

As well as this, we’ll also make sure that all your data is backed-up regularly and that your equipment, networks and servers are free from faults. With PPM from ICU, you can rest assured that everything’s in hand.

Keep things running fault free

PPM is a cost-effective way to monitor and maintain every aspect of your IT in order to prevent any system failures. But don’t worry – our PPM schedule is implemented outside of your peak business hours, to allow complete business continuity. We’ll discuss with you to find convenient times to carry out your IT maintenance, so that your business doesn’t face any disruption.

We work with lots of different businesses in Derby and across the rest of the Midlands to ensure their IT systems run like clockwork. If you would like more information about our PPM, as well as our other IT services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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