Offline Marketing, Silicon Valley and Apple’s iPhone Marketing Strategy Exposed

Offline Marketing, Silicon Valley and Apple’s iPhone Marketing Strategy Exposed

Welcome to our first IT Support industry roundup – the aim of these roundups is to keep you clued up on as much of the goings on in the business, technology and law sectors as possible.

You can expect everything from news to tutorials and opinion pieces – all of which you can learn something from.

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Apple’s iPhone Marketing Strategy Exposed

Apple know what they are doing when it comes to marketing and just when you think surely nobody else in the world could possibly need or want another iPhone, they go and sell over 9 million iPhones on the opening weekend back in September which is showing growth over the 5 million iPhone 5’s that were sold on opening weekend the previous year.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Recruitment

Outsourcing is a great way to allow your business to expand quickly or get work done that you don’t have the experience to do in house. A good example is if you need small business IT support (something we offer) would you want to go to the time and expense of hiring personnel to operate an IT support department or would you want it taken care of?

In this post Derin Clark explores outsourcing your recruitment and highlights the pro’s and con’s.

Five Offline Marketing Ideas to Help Get Your Business Noticed

Ivan Widjaya from shares some great tips for those looking to get back on board with their offline marketing, while online marketing is picking up speed and is a boat that most companies are jumping on board (and so they should, it’s incredibly powerful), there is still a place for offline marketing and it’s definitely something that you can make work.



NGINX – The BOSE Equivalent of Web Servers Launches NGINX Plus and Bags $10M

Surprisingly NGINX only has around 15 employee’s yet they power some of the biggest sites on the web; Facebook, Soundcloud,, Dropbox and more. Their system can do what Apache can do, only with 1/10th of the resources.

The Benefits Of Integrating iPad POS To Your Small Business

In this post over at, Todd Riddle explores iPad POS and how it can help your business – this just goes to show how much potential the iPad has and how businesses can use it to make certain tasks easier and more manageable.

Why European Enterprise Startups Should (Or Shouldn’t) Move To Silicon Valley

Enterprise startups such as Zendesk and others are moving to Silicon Valley as Frederic Lardinois reports but will your startup be doing the same?

Microsoft’s Phone Sales May Be Low, But Its Cloud Revenue Is Up

Microsoft has been struggling to sell phones and tablets, partly due to the impressive strangle hold that Apple has over the market but it’s not all doom and gloom for Microsoft because they’re doing well in the cloud with commercial cloud revenue up 103% last quarter as Ryan Tate reports.

Microsoft’s cloud offering ‘Azure’ seems to be doing extremely well and proving a strong alternative to Amazon’s cloud services.


European Patent Office does a U-turn: added flexibility for European Patent Applications

In this post Alasdair Poore gives an overview and some background on the European Patent Office’s recent decision to reverse certain restrictive rules on divisional applications. – A great breakdown if that’s something that could affect your business.



There’s a lot of interesting stuff to read but which stories and blog posts have stood out to you this month?


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