New office on the horizon

New office on the horizon

We Are Making a Move

Is your business outgrowing your office, but you’re concerned about the process of moving?

At ICU IT, we know that this is a common problem that businesses face, so we decided to document our upcoming move. We hope that by doing this blog we can share any tips or tricks we learn along the way, to save you the stress when it comes to your own office move.

We strive to make our office move as low stress as possible and we are putting plans into place to ensure that. We are happy to share these plans and any resources that we use with you, all you need to do is ask.

Our First Office

ICU IT have been in business since November 2001, with an aim to providing outsourced IT support, with an exceptional level of service, to companies who couldn’t justify the overheads of a full-time employee.

Originally, we worked mainly out on site within our customers’ offices, or in our home offices if necessary. We eventually found this unsustainable as our company felt too disjointed and unprofessional, so we began the search for our own offices.

We decided upon a newly built development of offices in Derby, which we felt gave us a more professional image, a base of operations and somewhere to meet with our customers. We met with the centre manager for the development and were really sold on their plans for helping small businesses in Derby, and the potential services that they offered.

Our decision made, we moved into Friargate Studios in 2007, shortly after they opened.

Why Do We Want To Move Now?

Fast forward to today, and we are now at capacity in our current location which is impacting on our plans to expand our business.

We feel that our business has outgrown the Friargate Studios, which is aimed at servicing smaller companies. The open plan office space, and the use of the meeting rooms worked well when we were a smaller team, but now we need more areas for development and testing, and the permanent use of our own meeting room.

With an increase in staff and customers visiting our offices, parking has also been a growing concern. We want to be able to provide ample, and free, parking for staff and customers alike.

Where Are We Moving to?

We can’t give our exact plans yet, as the process is still ongoing, but be sure to check in with us soon where we hope to share more information about how to find your ideal office space.

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