How can Expert IT Support help Small Businesses

How can Expert IT Support help Small Businesses

Whether you’re just launching your start-up business or you’ve established a small business that you’re hoping to grow over time, expert IT support services can be the key to your success. 

Perhaps you don’t use much IT, but you want to automate some processes to make your operations more efficient. Or maybe your current IT systems aren’t up to scratch, difficult to use or insecure. Here at ICU IT we know how to implement IT solutions that will protect you from costly downtime or issues, and give you a competitive advantage, allowing you to scale-up or expand your business offerings.  

However, for any small business, balancing IT support with your finances might be tricky, so it’s important you find a company that can work with you to tailor a cost effective package that will meet your needs and your budget. 

Do I Really Need Small Business IT Support?

There are a few indicators that would point towards you needing IT support, for example:

  • You, or another member of your staff, are spending valuable time sorting out IT problems. 
  • Your business is growing and you need an improved IT system to support that growth.
  • You’ve been having IT issues that result in costly downtime to your business.
  • You’re just starting out in business and need an IT infrastructure to support your operations. 
  • You want to stay ahead of your competitors with cutting edge tech and IT solutions. 
  • You don’t currently have an ‘IT system’, but you know you need digitalise to keep up. 
  • You don’t have the budget or capacity to hire an in-house IT support person. 
If any of these sound familiar, it would definitely be worth giving the small business IT support specialists a call at ICU IT. We can provide a thorough and free initial consultation that will identify any issues or opportunities for improvement. 

The Benefits of Small Business IT Support

Whilst a fully managed IT service may not be the best option for a small business, having experts on hand, who can assist in the event of an urgent issue or recommend improvements when you need them, is a sensible option. 

Some of the benefits of working with ICU IT for tailored small business IT support include:

Free Up You Valuable Time

With the support of a specialist team, if there’s an IT issue or problem that needs solving, you don’t have to take time away from your business operations to fix it. Once you’re working with us, all you need to do is pick up the phone and tell us about it, and we’ll do the rest. Our small business IT support team can then log in remotely, or visit your premises if necessary to get everything back up and running smoothly. 

The team at ICU IT are proud to be able to resolve most common problems within just 30 minutes, so your downtime is limited and you don’t have to worry about a break in service for your clients.

Return on Investment

We know that for small businesses, time is literally money. Whilst IT support isn’t free, it is much cheaper than extended downtime. The cost of improved digital security and proactive IT strategies can not only help you run your business more efficiently, it will also help you to maximise on your profits and save money in the long run. 

At ICU IT, we specialise in future proofing your business IT systems, so you can stay ahead of your competitors with advanced technology. With a proactive IT strategy that fits into your timeline for business growth, investment in specialist IT support can be tailored to ensure your systems are capable of supporting your growing enterprise.

Access to the Best IT Equipment

If you need to upgrade your system, invest in new software or hardware or design a system that works with your business, you may be tempted to opt for cheaper equipment to save cash. 

However, you’re likely to find that cheaper alternatives don’t always offer the same functionality and features, and so you might end up stuck with hardware or software that doesn’t fulfil all your requirements. 

But, if you opt for advice from an industry specialist, we’ll make sure you get the best tech and equipment, at the best prices. ICU IT work with some of the best brands in the industry to ensure your customers get the right equipment and software that is fit for purpose and may even help you to run your business more efficiently. We always recommend the most appropriate products to suit your needs, and while this might mean paying a little more than the cheap alternatives, we’ll ensure you get a resilient and long lasting product that is warrantied to protect your investment. Not only that, but investing in good equipment will help to futureproof your business as it grows.  

There are plenty of trusted name brands to choose from, and so you can rely on our team to recommend the most cost effective suppliers and products that will more than meet the needs of your small business.

Stay Ahead of New Tech and Developments

As a small business, you’ll know that you need to evolve your business practices to stay ahead of your competitors and offer your customers the best service and products possible. As a result of the global pandemic, over the last year many businesses have had no choice but to evolve and digitalise much of their operations, and as technology is constantly moving forward, you need to keep up to date to take advantage of it. 

You never know what is around the corner, so having a proactive IT team on hand to support your evolution and advise you on the best IT strategy and solutions, is the best way to secure your future. Whether it’s a new CRM tool, sales product or communication platform, you can trust us to support your ongoing digital transition. 

IT Security

No matter your business, sector or industry, cyber security should be a priority for you. A specialist team, like the guys at ICU IT, are well versed in cyber protection methods and IT security and will be able to highlight any weaknesses in your system that could be vulnerable to attack. 

A good option for many businesses is the Government scheme, Cyber Essentials. Being certified by Cyber Essentials will show you are taking your cyber security seriously, deterring potential attackers and reassuring your customers, suppliers and anyone you do business with, that you are working to secure your IT, data and systems against the threat of cyber attacks. 

Improving your IT security can help you to attract new clients, as some organisations will require a Cyber Essentials certificate to work with you. It will also give you and your team a very clear indication of your security level, what can be done to improve it and where your weak points are. 

Whilst you can follow their checklist yourself to gain Cyber Essential certification, with the assistance of a professional team you can be sure of a thorough and diligent service that will ensure you are protected from most threats.

ICU IT Small Business Support

The team at ICU IT knows that effective IT support services are just as important for small businesses, as they are for large companies. That’s why we undertake a thorough assessment and consultation of your requirements and your business to make sure we have a sound understanding of what you do and how you do it. That way, your assigned Customer Manager can work proactively to keep you up and running, and advancing as the available technology develops. 

We work in partnership with you to support your business aims, minimise downtime and secure your digital assets. Simply contact us today to find out more. 

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