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Do your staff know what they are doing?

Everyone can benefit from a few tips to help on those repeatable tasks, but do people always say when they don’t understand? They don’t always do this, and they may be taking long winded approached to formatting a 50 page document taking up hours to complete and may include human errors, when a function like ‘format painter’ would do the same job in seconds. Investing in training […]

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Are business processes longwinded or system speed affecting your staff performance?

We all have systems that we moan about and wish they would do X, Y and Z, and sometimes the requests just aren’t feasible. But long winded processes and slow computer systems can be soul destroying to an employee who just wants to get on with things. Slow computer start up may give time for a coffee making session before starting with work, but slow performance over […]

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Do your staff have the flexibility or access they need to finish jobs after the office closes?

Monday to Friday 9 till 5 isn’t always the normal hours of work in today’s business world. Flexi time is often available to staff along with obstacles that may prevent a staff member from coming to the office, or just not having enough hours in the day. To help assist staff, it pays to make sure they have the resources to have a flexible approach to working […]

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Google’s ‘right to be forgotten’

Right to forget tool ""

A new legislation affecting privacy, referred to as ‘right to be forgotten’, has now been introduced meaning that all European residents have the right to be forgotten online. This means that search engines like Google will have to remove links that contain inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant or excessive information. The new legislation has been agreed on during the European Court of Justice’s court case on 13th of May […]

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ICU IT are proud to announce partnership deal with iBox-Security

ICU IT partnership with iBox-Security

Derby based leading IT support company, ICU IT, are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with iBox-Security – a Derby based Web & Software development and security specialist company. Both companies will bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise together to combine the services offered between them.   This collaborative partnership will allow both parties to offer their clients a greater support package, which will target […]

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Is your data safe from modern-day hijacking?


In years gone by hijackers were the things of legends and folk stories but they are very much part of everyday culture in 2014 – in a digital sense. The recent global press around the Heartbleed bug, resulting in vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, highlights the need for companies to be vigilant of potential data security risks. OpenSSL is the cryptographic library that secures most of the internet’s websites. […]

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Antivirus software V’s Zeus

Antivirus software

You all know you should have antivirus software, and why, but do you know which one is right for your business? Anti-virus software scans your device infrastructure to prevent, detect and block malware to stop them doing any harm to your business and its data. There is plenty of free antivirus software on the market, however our advice would always be to get the best you can […]

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Cover Your Company’s Back with these Data Backup and Recovery Strategies

USB drive

Is your company covered in the event of a system failure, natural disaster or other unforeseen danger to the loss of critical data?  In today’s fast paced business world there is a staggering amount of data being created on a day to day basis. It is vital to have a backup plan for recovering your company’s work in case of a disaster.  Having a backup and recovery […]

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Could PPM save your business?


Business is risky, but it is the risks that you aren’t aware of that can be the most threatening. This is usually why businesses call in IT professionals to plan, maintain, stabilise and develop the IT systems that are in place. Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), can be identified as Planned Maintenance (PM) or Scheduled Maintenance, is in place to schedule maintenance on a specific item, piece of […]

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Has Your Computer Been Taken By Ransom?


Ransomware is a type of malware that takes your computer for ransom and will deny you any entry or access to your computer. Perhaps the most frustrating part for the owner of the computer is that not only can they not access their computer files, but they have to pay a ransom for the restriction to be removed. A good example of ransom malware is the Trojan […]

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