In most organisations, the backups of the IT system are often handled by an administrator who will often change a tape or storage device. This is often done in a well scheduled manner and without fail. Because the tape is changed, that means you’re protected right? Wrong! What if your backups go into the cloud, does it means it’s someone else’s responsibility? No!

Who actually has responsibility for the backups? Who has visibility of the backups? If the answer is ‘no one’ or ‘we don’t know’ then you may be at risk!

As a decision maker, you may ultimately be responsible for the backups completing, and aside from this, they should form part of your disaster recovery plan. These plans don’t have to be expensive, and can be more a proactive set of processes of how to deal with minimal or no system access. At the very least, ensure your backups have test restores completed so you are sure they will work if and when you need them.

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