Often IT is seen as a black hole for costs with no tangible direct benefit to the business, more a necessary evil than a key tool of business! To help with these costs, often certain roles will be assigned to an admin person or often someone who knows a little about computers at home. These people generally don’t have an interest or experience in IT, but because they are salaried, the cost of them doing the IT work is hidden. Not only this but people are generally employed with a specific role, if the accounts manager is setting up a new user, which accounts jobs are not being done as a result?


Getting an IT professional to complete these tasks is more efficient and will ensure compliance for your IT systems. Although human error exists, it’s less likely to happen with someone who is frequently completing these required actions. It will only take a setup being done incorrectly to grind the network to a halt. The cost for this downtime is usually not calculated and it will only take one to justify the cost of an IT professional.


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