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Do your staff have the flexibility or access they need to finish jobs after the office closes?

Monday to Friday 9 till 5 isn’t always the normal hours of work in today’s business world. Flexi time is often available to staff along with obstacles that may prevent a staff member from coming to the office, or just not having enough hours in the day. To help assist staff, it pays to make sure they have the resources to have a flexible approach to working outside of business hours. This may be in the form of anything from remote access to email, to a complete remote desktop services solution. These two ends of scale can provide the ability to simply catch up on emails to being able to access all their systems from the comfort of a sofa at home or a hotel room. You may event want to consider a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy to enable staff with suitable devices not company supplied to be able access company IT resources.

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