Planned Preventative Maintenance

Prevention really is the best cure. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM, for short) schedules ensure your servers, equipment and networks are fault-free, secure and regularly backed-up. Keeping your systems up and running the bottom line.

PPM is the opposite of reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance is impossible to budget for, has high overall costs and causes costly downtimes for any type of business.


Our remote monitoring systems, in partnership with the PPM schedules, allow us to discover issues even before you do and respond to them quickly. This tailored maintenance programme gives you the confidence to go about your business, worry-free.

"Their onsite visits are always a pleasure and very unobtrusive. Our systems engineer always arranges maintenance visits to suit us and is very efficient. Any equipment acquired is of good quality at a good price. I have every confidence that ICU have our company’s best interests at heart and would strongly recommend their services.”

Jude Parry, Head of Centre & Director @ Bottle Green Training

Keep things running fault free

PPM is a cost-effective way to monitor and maintain every aspect to prevent system failure. Our PPM schedule is implemented outside of your peak business hours to allow complete business continuity.  

Checking your systems, virus protection and firewall software for updates, is all part of our service.

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