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We pride ourselves on doing IT support a little differently. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Manager and when you call us, we will deal with your issue straight away. We consistently fix issues within 30 minutes, hassle-free.

The days of being passed around a call centre are over

Our team of tech wizards take responsibility for solving your problem from start to finish. They are fluent in plain English, so you don’t need a degree in geek-speak to understand them.

You can rely on us to take immediate action. We’ll assist you on-site or remotely by connecting to your system, wherever you may be. We are IT users too, and understand the frustration when things go wrong.

"It is not easy in the current and ever-changing climate of fraudulent emails and scams to keep up to date in order to avoid major disruptions to internet and computer breakdowns and ICU have always been one phone call or email away from any kind of assistance we ever need."

Iliane Edson, Partner @ Euro Business Services

You will probably have several contributors to your IT infrastructure and this can cause potential problems down the line. From your internet provider to your phone supplier…we will have them on speed dial.

We can show you how IT can transform your business and help you plan your future growth. We will keep your budget in mind and with our fixed rates, you will find budget control easy-peasy.

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