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Nowadays business owners cannot imagine their day-to-day lives without the use of wireless internet and Microsoft Office applications. Unreliable access to these systems would have a massive impact on the way businesses function and make profit.

Is the failure of the CCTV systems affecting the security on site? Are you experiencing any problems with Microsoft Server products? We can help you!

We can network your phone systems, install management software and give you unbiased advice on Cloud Computing. 

We also specialise in working with the following types of software:

  • Application Suite ‘Lotus Notes’ (including components such as e-mail, calendar, scheduling, address book, database, web server and programming)
  • Graphical desktop sharing systems that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol to remotely control another computer, such as VNC (Virtual Networking Computing) 
  • Systematic backup software
  • Server-based report generation software for Windows, such as SQL reporting
  • GFI protection from electric shocks     
  • Security software and hardware, providing endpoint protection, encryption, email, web, mobile and network security, such as Sophos

ICU focuses on building relationships with its clients based on trust and confidence. Our clients are confident we will be able to help them solve problems remotely or onsite in a timely manner to continue the smooth running of your business.

For more details, take a look at our complete IT service plan:

The ICU philosophy is based on a 5-stage plan which covers everything from the initial consultation and condition survey, to a planned maintenance program, support services and ongoing IT development. The 5 stages are as follows:

Stage 1 – Condition Survey

Stage 2 – Discuss and Agree Remedial Work Action Plan and Implement

Stage 3 – Implement Remote Access Solution for Support

Stage 4 – Agree and Commence Maintenance and Support Plan

Stage 5 – Future Development

This staged approach gives ICU the opportunity to identify any risk within your business and create a robust plan to deal with it before implementing a maintenance schedule to support ongoing activity.

There can often be a number of different internal and external stakeholders invested in a firm’s IT systems and this can potentially cause issues further down the line. ICU are happy to work with third party suppliers (BT, Virgin, etc.) to ensure all elements of your IT systems are completely secure and supported for the future growth of your business.

For more information on any of these services or to discuss your firms IT needs specifically, contact us now to speak to one of our experienced team.

To keep up to date with the latest IT news and developments, read our blog.

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