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IT Support & Development Methodology

Introduction & Overview

ICU started trading in 2000, when we identified a need to assist Midlands companies get the most from their IT systems and provide a level of IT support that allows them to get on with what they do best; run their core business.

ICU was created and by a team of highly skilled IT professionals, with a wealth of industry experience covering many difference sectors. To ensure we retain our highly technical foundation all members of ICU staff (including our Directors) are IT professionals with knowledge of many different, cutting edge technologies.

ICU has a unique approach to providing our customers with a complete, professional, and confidential IT support service to our clients; in plain English.

The ICU Philosophy
An explanation of the philosophy we have developed for providing Companies with a full ‘IT Department’ service.

5-Stage Plan
An explanation of ICU’s approach to each new customer, from initial consultation and condition survey, to planned maintenance programmes, support services and ongoing IT development.

The ICU Philosophy

We specialise in supporting small to medium sized businesses computing and IT requirements. We have many years of experience in this field, and take the time to understand your business operation enabling the correct and most effective advice to be given, and for us to seamlessly integrate into your company.

It is difficult for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing technologies and facilities that are available to them. These technologies can assist in improved efficiency and communications, ensuring networks are safe from viruses and intrusion, and provide the peace of mind that important data can be recovered in a disaster situation.

Our customers benefit by having their own IT Department available ‘as and when’ required without having to carry the associated overhead, and enables them to focus on the core business. By employing ICU, we can provide you with all of the IT services available in larger firms.

We work for companies within a short radius of our bases in Derby and Nottingham in general, enabling us to provide the best response times to customers and to efficiently integrate into your business.

Unlike many IT companies, we operate in a proactive rather than reactive manner, as would an internal IT department in a larger organisation. This helps us to prevent many issues arising before they have an effect on your business. We implement regular planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to ensure PCs are secure, virus free and operating at peak performance, and most importantly, ensure that you are getting the most efficiency from staff by reducing computer problems that require reactive action to repair.

Our objective is to help you get the most out of your computer assets, and use them to improve efficiency, while maintaining a secure and risk-free IT environment.

Inevitably, problems do arise, and we pride ourselves on our speed and level of response when they do. Many problems can be diagnosed and fixed remotely, and we have developed our own in-house technical systems that allow us to do this. When a site visit is the only option, we expect to have somebody on their way to you within 15 minutes.

We have modelled our services specifically to the small to medium sized companies, and have fixed our costs at very affordable prices. We are able to offer a number of flexible commercial solutions to your business, often without the requirement for a fixed term contract. Our rates are amongst the most competitive in the market.

We build professional, confidential, trust-based relationships with our customers and rely on our performance and standard of service to secure our future with them.

We have a well proven 5 Stage Plan that we implement for new customers which is described below:

5-Stage Plan

We have a structured approach to commencing work with a new client. There are 5 stages to our approach to enable us to eliminate any identified risks and begin a planned maintenance and support programme in the most efficient and effective manner. This normally runs parallel to a development programme for upgrading systems, implementing new technologies or facilities for the client. It is essential that we get to understand the operational elements of the clients’ business to achieve this.

Stage 1 – Condition Survey

The first stage is to make a full assessment of the IT setup you currently have, how it’s configured and what is actually required to meet your needs. ICU conducts a full audit which includes servers, configured users, security groups and rights, shared folders and disks, workstations, laptops, network infrastructure, backup solutions, resilience and installed software. ICU then produces an audit report with recommendations for remedial work, timescales and indicative costs along with a record of all of our findings.

During this stage ICU would also develop records of network configuration for future maintenance and support requirements, providing you with a total all-encompassing report.

Stage 2 – Discuss and Agree Remedial Work Action Plan and Implement

Once the Condition Survey and report have been finalised, ICU would discuss the recommended remedial actions with a view to prioritising and scheduling any necessary remedial works to the existing configuration.

ICU are more than happy to work at a pace to suit our clients and it is usually possible to spread any costs over several months depending on agreed priorities.

The Remedial Works Action Plan will include items that are essential to ensure adequate protection of data, protection against viruses, external intrusion, and basic disaster recovery.

Stage 3 – Implement Remote Access Solution for Support

To allow us to access the network and client machines remotely, ICU can setup a secure VPN or Terminal Services remote access solution. This would be augmented by a backup ‘dial-in’ facility for situations where internet connectivity has been lost.

To ensure we can provide remote support and undertake maintenance in a timely fashion, we will install remote access software on all clients PC’s giving us the required access to provide our customers with the support they need, when they need it.

Once this work is completed, we would add the clients’ servers to our secure, remote access terminal to allow connectivity for support purposes.

Stage 4 – Agree and Commence Maintenance and Support Plan

ICU recommends that we liaise with a designated member of staff, so that we can ensure that our works and configuration methods are tailored to the companies operational needs and that there is a single point of contact for collating and reporting on issues. This assists us manage time, budgets, priorities and specific business requirements as designated by your business.

When high priority issues have been addressed from the Condition Survey report, we will be in a position to discuss and recommend a planned maintenance schedule. The main elements to agree are the scope and frequency of visits. We always try to strike a balance between the essential maintenance works required and the clients’ budget. We have a flexible approach that enables us to alter the schedule at any point the client requires.

ICU has a proven method of planned maintenance which results in a significant reduction in user issues and disaster risk over a period of time.

Stage 5 – Future Development

Stages 1 to 4 are designed to reach a ‘level playing field’, where the existing facilities are secure, a support facility is in place and the systems are being maintained to ensure maximum up-time.

When this has been achieved, ICU has a responsibility to work in partnership with the client to enhance and improve facilities. Along with the support and maintenance aspects of our work, this is an ongoing activity and would be discussed and designed in collaboration with the client.

Summary and key points

ICU offer flexible terms often without a fixed, long term contract.

All ICU staff (including our Directors) have vast technical expertise with many years’ experience in the IT industry, working in wide range of industry sectors for a many different types of client, covering a many different technology areas.

ICU work for companies with or without their own IT staff.

We can build and implement the entire IT infrastructure for your business or we can support and maintain your current IT setup with remote system monitoring, on-site IT support, telephone support and dial-in access.

ICU has an enviable client retention rate. We have been trading since 2000 and have built up a client base which we maintain, year in, year out due to our high level of service coupled with the many ‘value-add’ services we provide.

We work with our clients to stabilise, maintain and develop their IT infrastructure providing them with the technical expertise and methodology to ensure their IT systems not only cope with the demands of the current business climate, but are ‘future-proofed’ also.

ICU will work with your 3rd party suppliers (BT, Virgin etc.) to ensure we can offer the complete IT service, allowing you get on with the running your business.

Do you want to find out more about how our philosophy and 5 stage plan can help protect your business, cut costs and increase efficiency? Call now on 01332 513333 to learn more.

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