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Is your data safe from modern-day hijacking?


In years gone by hijackers were the things of legends and folk stories but they are very much part of everyday culture in 2014 – in a digital sense. The recent global press around the Heartbleed bug, resulting in vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, highlights the need for companies to be vigilant of potential data security risks. OpenSSL is the cryptographic library that secures most of the internet’s websites. […]

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Cover Your Company’s Back with these Data Backup and Recovery Strategies

USB drive

Is your company covered in the event of a system failure, natural disaster or other unforeseen danger to the loss of critical data?  In today’s fast paced business world there is a staggering amount of data being created on a day to day basis. It is vital to have a backup plan for recovering your company’s work in case of a disaster.  Having a backup and recovery […]

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Could PPM save your business?


Business is risky, but it is the risks that you aren’t aware of that can be the most threatening. This is usually why businesses call in IT professionals to plan, maintain, stabilise and develop the IT systems that are in place. Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), can be identified as Planned Maintenance (PM) or Scheduled Maintenance, is in place to schedule maintenance on a specific item, piece of […]

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Has Your Computer Been Taken By Ransom?


Ransomware is a type of malware that takes your computer for ransom and will deny you any entry or access to your computer. Perhaps the most frustrating part for the owner of the computer is that not only can they not access their computer files, but they have to pay a ransom for the restriction to be removed. A good example of ransom malware is the Trojan […]

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So Long Windows XP; Business Owners Beware


After more than a decade Microsoft made the decision to pull the support plug for its still popular Windows XP operating system last April.  Despite giving advance notice of more than a year many home and business operators continue running the aging operating system for a variety of reasons.  If you are one of the millions still depending on your old reliable operating system the end of […]

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How to Easily Become More Productive In Business

Business Productivity

“Stay hungry, stay foolish,” is what Apple founder Steve Jobs told Stanford University students in an oft-quoted commencement address.  Though he never really explained what he meant, much has been written in the way of commentary about that piece of advice. It is most often taken to mean that Jobs was advising passion and commitment as the wellspring of success for entrepreneurship.  Those qualities, combined with a […]

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