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Is your data safe from modern-day hijacking?


In years gone by hijackers were the things of legends and folk stories but they are very much part of everyday culture in 2014 – in a digital sense. The recent global press around the Heartbleed bug, resulting in vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, highlights the need for companies to be vigilant of potential data security risks. OpenSSL is the cryptographic library that secures most of the internet’s websites. […]

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Antivirus software V’s Zeus

Antivirus software

You all know you should have antivirus software, and why, but do you know which one is right for your business? Anti-virus software scans your device infrastructure to prevent, detect and block malware to stop them doing any harm to your business and its data. There is plenty of free antivirus software on the market, however our advice would always be to get the best you can […]

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